About Us

Our Mission

The mission of LNP Media Group, Inc. is to be the source of news and information for every resident of Lancaster County and to provide the means for every business and individual to communicate directly with the residents of Lancaster County.


LancasterOnline is a product of LNP Media Group, Inc. This group is also the publisher of the daily newspaper LNP, and weekly newspapers; Lancaster Farming, Lititz Record, Ephrata Review, The Caucus and The Elizabethtown Advocate. The media company is owned by Steinman Communications and is the leading source of news and information in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. 

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Our History

Few communities in the nation have newspaper roots as deep as Lancaster's or owner families as committed to their papers. The daily newspaper was first published in Lancaster in 1794, and is one of the oldest newspapers still publishing in the United States.

The Intelligencer Journal/Lancaster New Era was created by a merger of two daily newspaper with long and colorful histories.

The Intelligencer Journal itself represented a merger — of the Intelligencer and the News Journal. The Intelligencer had been an afternoon newspaper until it combined with the morning News Journal in 1928. The publication dated from The Lancaster Journal, founded in 1794.

The Lancaster New Era dates back to 1877. In 1920, the New Era merged with the Lancaster Examiner, a newspaper that had been started in 1830. Three years later the Examiner-New Era was renamed the Lancaster New Era and Examiner, and the paper dropped "Examiner" from its nameplate entirely in 1928.

In that year, Lancaster's Steinman family, which had been in the newspaper business here since the 1860s, bought the New Era from Paul Block. Block was a national publisher with formidable resources whom the Steinmans had outlasted during a "newspaper war."

The Lancaster New Era and Intelligencer Journal merged in 2009.

The Sunday News was established by James Hale Steinman and John Frederick Steinman in 1923. It was Lancaster County's first local Sunday newspaper.

Most recently the Sunday News merged with the Lancaster New Era/Intelligencer Journal on October 16, 2014 to create the LNP newspaper for print every day of the week.